Bruce Fortado
  • Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, January 1998, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1023/a:1027359517793

Managerial Justice: A Field Study of of the Initial Steps of Appeal

What is it about?

Most of the existing grievance literature has focused on formal legalistic processes. This exploratory field study discovered that many issues in the instant case site were dealt with informally via negotiation outside the formal hearings. Based on participant observation, we attain a more accurate political portrait of what transpires in the initial stages of appeal. A largely tacit managerial system of justice comes to light in the author''s encounters with stonewalling, runarounds, double talk, threats, coercive acts, snow jobs, misdirection, smoke screens, and disinformation.

Why is it important?

In terms of practice, to be forewarned is the first step toward being forearmed. In terms of theory and subsequent research, informal political processes need to be included and explored further in future fieldwork.

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