Aryl Azides Formation Under Mild Conditions: A Kinetic Study in Some Ionic Liquid Solutions

Francesca D’Anna, Salvatore Marullo, Renato Noto
  • The Journal of Organic Chemistry, February 2010, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • DOI: 10.1021/jo9022952

A kinetic study of azidations of aromatic compounds in ionic liquids

What is it about?

In this work, we carride out a kinetic study of the aryl azide formation usimg functionalised imidazoilium ILs with azide anion as a nucleophile, under mild reaction conditions.

Why is it important?

This is one of the few works analysing from a kinetic perspective, which structural parameters of the substrates favor the reactions and which, on the ohter hand disfavor it. Importantly this works offers also a mechanistic view of the azidation of aromatic compounds with functionalised ionic liquids.

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