Evaluation of a Primary Amine-Functionalized Ion-Exchange Resin for CO2Capture

W. Richard Alesi Jr., John R. Kitchin
  • Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, May 2012, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • DOI: 10.1021/ie300452c

Commercially available CO2 capture sorbent

What is it about?

We tested a commercially available material called an ion-exchange resin as a CO2 capture sorbent. We found the material had a relatively high capture capacity, and good moisture tolerance. The sorbent could be regenerated in a CO2 atmosphere at higher temperatures.

Why is it important?

Many research efforts today focus on exotic, built for purpose, materials. These are likely years away from any potential commercial application. The material we examined is commercially available, and used already for CO2 capture in confined spaces such as submarines. Thus, if we chose to start CO2 capture today, this is a material that could be used, today. The moisture tolerance is significant because if a sorbent soaks up a lot of moisture, the pores may get blocked by condensation, and the moisture may block absorption sites, limiting the capture capacity. Finally, the moisture must be desorbed during regeneration, which takes additional energy.

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