Nanocrystal Growth in Cordierite Glass Ceramics Studied with X-ray Scattering

  • Wim Bras, Simon M. Clark, G. Neville Greaves, Martin Kunz, Wouter van Beek, Velimir Radmilovic
  • Crystal Growth & Design, March 2009, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • DOI: 10.1021/cg070562v

Crystallisation studies and SAXS

What is it about?

In combination with an earlier publication in J. Non Crystalline Solids this tells a story of the formation of nano-crystals in a glassy matrix upon heat treatment. The beauty doesn't lie in the sample or the results but in the fact that all text-book stuff of Guinier radii, Porod slopes, form factors, technique combinations, Porod invariants etc. is observed in a single system.

Why is it important?

The direct correlation of different theoretical X-ray scattering concepts in a real system is maybe not unique but at least pretty rare.

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