Generation and Characterization of a 4π-Electron Three-Membered Ring 1 H -Diazirine: An Elusive Intermediate in Nitrile Imine–Carbodiimide Isomerization

  • Cláudio M. Nunes, Cuauhtémoc Araujo-Andrade, Rui Fausto, Igor Reva
  • The Journal of Organic Chemistry, April 2014, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • DOI: 10.1021/jo402744f

Nitrile-Imine -> 1H-Diazirine -> Carbodiimide

What is it about?

A very energetic and a very reactive antiaromatic 1H-Diazirine generated and its unique vibrational signature ("fingerprint") characterized.

Why is it important?

1H-diazirine is captured for the first time as a key intermediate in the photochemistry of nitrile imine

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