Health risk appraisal in older people 7: long-acting benzodiazepine use in community-dwelling older adults in London: is it related to physical or psychological factors?

Devoshree Chatterjee, Steve Iliffe, Kalpa Kharicha, Danielle Harari, Cameron Swift, Gerhard Gillman, Andreas E. Stuck
  • Primary Health Care Research & Development, February 2017, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/s1463423617000068

Do older people take anti-anxiety drugs for pain or for psychological symptoms?

What is it about?

The study described in this paper investigated whether the use of long-acting benzodiazepine drugs (like Valium or Mogadon), by older people is influenced by physical symptoms (especially pain) or psychological factors (like anxiety, insomnia or depression).

Why is it important?

Only two factors retained statistically significant independent associations with long-acting benzodiazepine use: receiving only the state pension and pain in the past four weeks Psychological factors did not influence use of these drugs..


Steve Iliffe
University College London

Practitioners working with older people who have been using long-acting benzodiazepines for some time should consider social causes of continued use, particularly low income, and physical factors , particularly pain.

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