Nutrition, infection and stunting: the roles of deficiencies of individual nutrients and foods, and of inflammation, as determinants of reduced linear growth of children

D. Joe Millward
  • Nutrition Research Reviews, January 2017, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/s0954422416000238

What is it about?

This review brings together current information on a) the global extent of stunted growth and its consequences for society, b) the way height growth is regulated by nutrition acting through hormones and growth factors and inhibited by inflammation during illness, c) current knowledge on the importance of nutrients such as protein, zinc and iodine for optimal growth, d) the role of specific foods especially milk in promoting height growth and e) how lack of sanitation and clean water results in impaired intestinal function and inflammation which prevents food supplements from being effective in attempts to improve height growth in children.

Why is it important?

Stunting is devastating for affected communities and this review shows that effective public health programmes must focus on clean water and sanitation as well as provision of a healthy diet.

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