Gender and Negative Emotion During Narratives About Romantic Conflict: Links to Conflict Strategies

Candice Feiring, Izabela Milaniak, Valerie A. Simon, Lesley Clisura
  • Journal of Relationships Research, January 2017, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/jrr.2017.9

What is it about?

Emerging Adults narrate stories about conflict with their current romantic partners. From these stories we measure their regulation of negative emotions and examine how such regulation is related to reported relationship behaviors.

Why is it important?

Narratives about romantic conflict and regulation of negative emotions during narration provide a window into how emerging adults are thinking through the emotional meaning of conflict events and how such interpretations are related to relationship functioning. Narratives are the best way to tap such interpretations though this kind of work is rare.


Candice Feiring

Narrative research is rich and provides insight into personal meaning making about romantic events. It's rarer because the endeavor is labor intensive and takes a long time to do- with a sample of 145 narratives it took 3 years!

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