Report of the Secretariat on Introduction from the Sea of Sei Whales (Balaenoptera Borealis) by Japan (CITES)

Donald R. Rothwell
  • International Legal Materials, April 2019, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/ilm.2019.16

Introductory Note to the CITES Secretariat Report on Sei Whales

Photo by Georg Wolf on Unsplash

Photo by Georg Wolf on Unsplash

What is it about?

This is an Introductory Note to the Report of the CITES Secretariat on the Introduction from the Sea of Sei Whales by Japan that was prepared for the CITES Standing Committee in October 2018

Why is it important?

This Report considers Japan's compliance with CITES Article III (5) and the limitations state parties face with respect to the "introduction form the sea" of CITES listed and protected species


Donald Rothwell
Australian National University

This is an interesting CITES Report from 2018 on Japan's compliance with CITES and the "introduction from the sea" constraint imposed upon CITES parties. The report is now of greater importance given Japan's announcement that it is withdrawing from the IWC, the result of which is that CITES remains of greater importance in regulating certain aspects of Japan's whaling activities.

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