Comparison of pure Holsteins to crossbred Holsteins with Norwegian Red cattle in first and second generations

E. Ezra, M. Van Straten, J. I. Weller
  • animal, March 2016, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/s1751731116000239

Comparison of Holsteins to Norwegian Red crosses

What is it about?

Performance of 1,922 first generation crosses of Norwegian Red cattle and Holsteins were compared to 7,487 purebred Holsteins for production and secondary traits under intensive management in commercial herds. Milk, fat, and protein production of purebred Holstein cows were higher than the crossbreds. Differences for somatic cell score, and abortion rate, dystocia, ketosis and milk fever were not significant. Female fertility and body condition scores were higher for the crossbred cows. Herd-life was shorter by 79 days for crossbred cows. Based on the current Israeli breeding index, the purebred Holsteins have an economic advantage of $104/insemination.

Why is it important?

Because crossbreeding dairy cattle in now a hot topic, and this study is based on many more records than all previous studies


Dr Joel Ira Weller (Author)
ARO, The Volcani Center

A lot of people are not happy to see that this paper was published, because it shows that the Holstein is superior to crossbreds

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