Chauvet and Anglican Sacramentology

Michael Niebauer
  • Journal of Anglican Studies, February 2018, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/s1740355317000249

How Louis-Marie Chauvet can aid in a renewed Anglican view of the sacraments

What is it about?

This article shows how the work of Louis-Marie Chauvet can aid in a renewed Anglican view of the sacraments, particularly regarding the relationship between the sacraments and the formation of new congregations (church planting).

Why is it important?

Anglican conversations regarding the sacraments often devolve into centuries-old debates between "Anglo-Catholic" and "Evangelical" views. Louis-Marie Chauvet's work can help bridge this divide, by articulating a view of the sacraments that stresses their importance in non-causal terms. In addition, Chauvet can aid in an understanding of the significance of the sacraments in relation to issues of mission and inculturation.


Mr Michael Niebauer (Author)
Duquesne University

As a pastor and church planter in the Anglican Church in North America, this article is in many ways an outgrowth of the challenges of starting new congregations among people who have little to no experience with the sacramental practices of Christianity. Louis-Marie Chauvet provides an articulate way of thinking through their importance for both clergy and laity.

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