A detail shape grammar. Using Alberti's column system rules to evaluate the longitudinal elevation of the nave of Sant'Andrea church generation

  • Pedro Filipe Coutinho Cabral D'Oliveira Quaresma
  • Artificial intelligence for engineering design analysis and manufacturing, April 2018, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/s0890060417000646

A detail shape grammar.

What is it about?

This paper shows the way Leon Battista Alberti treatise De Re Aedificatoria column systematization shape grammar was built, and how the longitudinal elevation of the nave of the Sant'Andrea church was designed, evidencing some steps involved in the grammar construction process, its derivation, and the partial outputs gained from the grammar evaluation

Why is it important?

evaluating the grammar with a simple linear regression method, showing to what extent the treatise influenced the design of the facade in the study.

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