Dancing architecture at Angkor: ‘Halls with dancers’ in Jayavarman VII's temples

  • Swati Chemburkar
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, September 2015, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/s0022463415000363

'Hall with dancers' in Jayavarman VII's temples at Angkor

What is it about?

The paper explores the relationship between a ritual and architecture with a focus on the architectural structure of 'hall with dancers' in Jayavarman VII's temples.

Why is it important?

The earlier scholarship on the 'hall with dancers' has looked at it from merely decorative perspective but the findings of the paper suggest that the distinctive architectural feature of the 'hall with dancers' worked in tandem with ritual practices to provide a symbolic and possibly actual space for encountering divine in some Khmer temples.

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