In the service of artists – symbiosis and creative engagement in collection development strategy at NIVAL: National Irish Visual Arts Library

Donna Romano
  • Art Libraries Journal, June 2018, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/alj.2018.17

The contribution of living artists to collection development at NIVAL in Dublin.

What is it about?

The essential and dynamic relationship between the artist and the institution in building the public record of arts activity, examining the life-cycle of artist-generated documentation and the methods of engagement with the library that result in contributions of material to the collection.

Why is it important?

Taking the view that NIVAL is essentially a democratic project in both collection development and access strategies, the paper presents an introduction to the genesis of the library and outlines some of the ways in which contemporary artists are supporting the role of NIVAL as a 'living archive.' The paper examines recent collaborations with artists that attest to the regenerative effect of direct engagement in the process of legacy building.

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