Synthesis and characterization of BaGa 2 O 4 and Ba 3 Co 2 O 6 (CO 3 ) 0.6 compounds in the search of alternative materials for Proton Ceramic Fuel Cell (PCFC)

Wilder Acuña, Jhoan F. Tellez, Mario A. Macías, Pascal Roussel, Sandrine Ricote, Gilles H. Gauthier
  • Solid State Sciences, September 2017, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.solidstatesciences.2017.07.007

materials for Proton Ceramic Fuel Cell (PCFC)

What is it about?

BaGa2O4 and Ba3Co2O6(CO3)0.6 compounds were studied as electrolyte and cathode materials for Proton Ceramic Fuel Cells (PCFC), respectively.

Why is it important?

The basic cobalt oxocarbonate Ba3Co2O6(CO3)0.6 was found promising. The tendency of the compound to form HCO3- groups in moist atmosphere suggests possible mixed proton-electron conduction.

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