Electric vehicle charging infrastructure planning in a road network

  • Salvatore Micari, Antonio Polimeni, Giuseppe Napoli, Laura Andaloro, Vincenzo Antonucci
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, December 2017, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2017.05.022

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure planning

What is it about?

The implementation of a charging infrastructure network is the necessary prerequisite for the diffusion of Electric Vehicles (EVs). In this paper a methodology to calculate the required number of charging stations for EVs and to set their position in a road network is proposed. The aim is to planning the distribution of services area to host charging infrastructures. Using the demand (the flow of EVs) and the supply (the road network where they will be positioned) through a two-level model were the locations initially identified (first level) and thereafter the number of charging stations for each service area (second level) evaluated. The paper deals with the intersection of three main topics: the vehicle technologies (engine and battery pack specifications), thecharging station characteristics and the EVs flow.

Why is it important?

Soon it will be possible to ensure faster charging time and longer autonomy but transition to a zero emission mobility will depend in any case to the presence of an adequate system of infrastructures. The network should be sufficient to meet the drivers demand, ensure safe movements and break down the range anxiety associated to the electric mobility. In this paper a methodology to calculate both number and position of EVs charging stations in a road network has been proposed taking into account main topics.


Dr. Giuseppe Napoli
National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

Further evaluations will cover the optimization of the procedure that could integrate the evaluation of user behaviour during vehicle charging, the cost analysis (price of electricity and business models) and mobility system impact on the electricity grid.

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