From the Armory to academia: Careers and reputations of early modern artists in the United States

  • Laura E. Braden
  • Poetics, October 2009, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.poetic.2009.09.004

How the Museum of Modern Art created modern art history (including the exclusion of female artists)

What is it about?

When modern art was introduced in the USA, how did the Museum of Modern Art play a role? Which artists became part of US art history? The research shows, particularly for women, the MoMA is the filter mechanism for how and who we know in modern art.

Why is it important?

This research shows the mechanism by how college art history textbooks exclude women artists


Dr L.E.A. Braden
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

While art history has examined MoMA for decades, sociology brings in new perspectives to an old institution.

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