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Climate change is a reality that we cannot afford to ignore. One of the biggest problems is the extent to which we rely on fossil fuels. Extracting and using these fuels is a major cause of pollution. We need to switch to renewable energy sources. Wind energy is one option for renewable energy, and it is now growing fast. Recently, scientists have begun to use artificial intelligence to help manage wind energy fields. This study looked at 5 ways that ‘artificial neural networks’ (ANN) can be used to make wind energy systems work better: • Predicting wind speeds • Improving design • Detecting faults • Setting controls • Planning maintenance

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One problem with wind energy is changing wind speeds. This makes it hard to predict how much power will be generated. Artificial intelligence can help us make wind energy more predictable and more reliable. KEY TAKEAWAY: Clean energy options all need to be improved to be able to take over from fossil fuels. This is one example of how scientists are managing to make clean energy production more efficient and predictable.

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This page is a summary of: Application of machine learning for wind energy from design to energy-Water nexus: A Survey, Energy Nexus, December 2021, Elsevier, DOI: 10.1016/j.nexus.2021.100011.
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