Natural cocoa as diet-mediated antimalarial prophylaxis

F.K. Addai
  • Medical Hypotheses, May 2010, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2009.12.003

Why cocoa prevents malaria

What is it about?

People who drink natural cocoa without sugar or milk as a health beverage report cessation of clinical malaria episodes. This paper uses the known science of key components of cocoa to propose how regular intake can prevent malaria.

Why is it important?

The burden of malaria disease in terms of cost, lowered life expectancy and productivity in endemic countries is staggering. Geographical location of endemic malaria in the world nearly coincides with areas where cocoa is produced. Lightly processed cocoa is likely to be available in areas with heaviest malaria burden. If the latter populations know and promote regular natural cocoa consumption, the evidence from this paper suggests that they could significantly reduce the toll of malaria.


Frederick Addai
University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry

Later work since publication of this paper has demonstrated in animals and human red blood cells (RBCs) the plasmodium toxicity of natural cocoa extract, and stabilization of red cell membrane against parasite infection or haemolysis of parasitized RBCs. In any case, cessation of malaria illness in people who drink natural cocoa daily continues to be exemplified by the author and members of his family who continue to be free from the disease despite living in the same home where previously each member had more than one malaria episode every year. If you live in a malaria endemic area, it is hoped that this paper persuades you to start drinking natural cocoa daily and immediately.

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