X-ray micro computed tomography characterization of cellular SiC foams for their applications in chemical engineering

Xiaoxia Ou, Xun Zhang, Tristan Lowe, Remi Blanc, Mansoureh Norouzi Rad, Ying Wang, Nelly Batail, Charlotte Pham, Nima Shokri, Arthur A. Garforth, Philip J. Withers, Xiaolei Fan
  • Materials Characterization, January 2017, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.matchar.2016.11.013

What is it about?

Open-cell SiC foams clearly are promising materials for continuous-flow chemical applications such as heterogeneous catalysis and distillation. X-ray micro computed tomography characterization of cellular β-SiC foams at a spatial voxel size of 13.63 μm3 and the interpretation of morphological properties of SiC open-cell foams with implications to their transport properties are presented. In-situ draining experiments were carried out in order to understand the nature of the residual static liquid hold-up in SiC foams enabling a better modeling and design of structured reactors based on SiC foams in the future. In order to see more practical uses, μ-CT data of cellular foams must be exploited to optimize the design of the morphology of foams for a specific application.

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