Multicenter Assessment of Ultrasound of the Spermatic Cord in Children With Acute Scrotum

Nicolas Kalfa, Corinne Veyrac, Manuel Lopez, Christophe Lopez, Aude Maurel, Christos Kaselas, Samir Sibai, Francesco Arena, George Vaos, Jean Bréaud, Thierry Merrot, David Kalfa, Issam Khochman, Aurel Mironescu, Sergey Minaev, Michel Avérous, René-Benoit Galifer
  • The Journal of Urology, January 2007, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.juro.2006.08.128

Acute Scrotum in Children

What is it about?

A total of 919 patients from 11 European university hospitals underwent color Doppler sonography and high resolution ultrasonography for acute scrotum between 1992 and 2005. The spermatic cord was studied along its complete length to detect a spiral twist. The surgical findings were correlated with the preoperative results.

Why is it important?

High resolution ultrasonography based management of acute scrotum is reliable and reproducible. Thanks to its high sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of spermatic cord torsion, high resolution ultrasonography can significantly improve the management of acute scrotum in children.


Professor Sergey Viktorovich Minaev
Stavropol State Medical University

New horizon for diagnostic of acute scrotum in children.

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