Models of intragroup conflict in management: A literature review

  • Matthew W. McCarter, Kimberly A. Wade-Benzoni, Darcy K. Fudge Kamal, H. Min Bang, Steven J. Hyde, Reshma Maredia
  • Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, May 2018, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.jebo.2018.04.017

Models of conflict within groups in management studies

What is it about?

The key contributions of our article include (1) we review 5 popular models of intragroup conflict in management studies – i.e. diversity, negotiation, social dilemma, social exchange, and transaction cost economics; (2) compare and contrast the models to one another across a host of attributes; (3) we discuss the insights of each model’s seminal papers; (4) we review the developments and applications of the models in the last 10 years; and (5) observe several opportunities for each model in future scholarship.

Why is it important?

In our review of five models of conflict in management literature, we provide an overview of the models, discuss their key ideas and provide future research areas for further investigation.


Darcy Fudge Kamal
Chapman University

Our paper contributes to a fascinating special issue on conflict and war. Our review of conflict in management contrasts to similar reviews of work from fields such as economics, political science and biology published in the special issue. Thank you to the editors and reviewers for their helpful comments.

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