Strain-induced reactivation of corrosion pits in austenitic stainless steel

F.A. Almuaili, S.A. McDonald, P.J. Withers, A.B. Cook, D.L. Engelberg
  • Corrosion Science, August 2017, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.corsci.2017.05.023

What is it about?

The reactivation of a corrosion pit under the synergetic effect of strain and electro-chemical polarisation has been observed in a type 304L stainless steel using X-ray computed tomography. The pit reactivation process was associated with the formation of a new pit, directly adjacent to a pre-existing pit. Pit growth kinetics were estimated, revealing an increase of the diffusivity parameter (D-eff Delta C) from 3.0 x 10(-8) mol cm(-1) s(-1) to 4.5 x 10(-8) mol cm(-1) s(-1) with the application of strain, indicating higher metal dissolution rates. Applied strain resulted in fractured lacy metal covers, and its effect on pit growth kinetics is discussed.

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