Challenging core-shell stationary phases with the separation of closely related anti-cancer compounds: performance studies and application to drug quantitation in cell cultures with multi-well plate clean-up

  • Víctor González-Ruiz, Ana I. Olives, M. Antonia Martín
  • Journal of Chromatography A, October 2014, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.chroma.2014.08.054

chromatographic behaviour of six different stationary phases (core-shell)

What is it about?

A family of eight structurally related com- pounds to explore the selectivities of two stationary phases. We have developed an analytical application taking advantage of these good chromatographic features in combination with a clean-up step carried out using 96-well deproteinization and delipidization plates. Such pre-treatment method minimized the time consump- tion and is amenable for automation.

Why is it important?

The newly developed methodology has reduced the analysis time by 2.6 folds compared to the previous one that our group had published, and achieves the full separation of all the compounds while reducing a 71% the amount of acetonitrile required per sam- ple.

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