Reaction: How Fuzzy Are the Lines between Academia and Industry?

Antony Williams
  • Chem, August 2016, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.chempr.2016.07.015

What is the relationship between academia and industry in terms of how professors should operate?

What is it about?

This article is about the relationship between academia and industry and how the roles of a professor are blurring with those of an industrial scientist. Should professors focus only on "pure science and teaching" and how do they balance that with the need to obtain funding, to innovate, to productize, to "create impact" and balance it all.

Why is it important?

In my reaction to the article about fuzzy lines I reflect on my history as a student funded by industry, and my career with a foot in both camps of funding academic research, engaging with academics directly, working in academia with industrial relationships and how it is possible, and beneficial, to maintain an overall healthy balance. At least for me...


Dr Antony John Williams
United States Environmental Protection Agency

I enjoyed reviewing my career and engagements between industry and academia through the lens of writing this reaction piece. it had been a while since I had reflected on how I had meandered between the fuzzy lines over the past thirty years

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