Correlation of energy storage performance of supercapacitor with iso-propanol improved wettability of aqueous electrolyte on activated carbon electrodes of various apparent densities

Denys G. Gromadskyi, Jung H. Chae, Stuart A. Norman, George Z. Chen
  • Applied Energy, December 2015, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2015.08.108

What is it about?

An in depth study of the influence of electrolyte wetting on activated carbon on the performance of capacitive charge storage.

Why is it important?

Porous structure in electrode and its improved wetting by aqueous electrolyte due to addition of iso-propanol may not co-work for charge storage.


Professor of Electrochemical Technologies George Zheng Chen
University of Nottingham

Use of aqueous electrolyte in carbon based supercapacitor may benefit from addition of a small amount of iso-propanol or similar organic additive, but it should not be overdone.

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