Polyheterocycles containing alkene spacer linkages Part I. Synthesis and electropolymerization of 3-styrylthiophenes

J.R. Smith, S.A. Campbell, N.M. Ratcliffe, M. Dunleavy
  • Synthetic Metals, April 1994, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/0379-6779(94)90234-8

Novel conducting polymers

What is it about?

The ideal of polymers being conducting is exciting. It's not that the polymers are loaded with carbon that makes them conduct electricity, but that the polymer backbone itself enables electrons to move up and down the chains. This paper looks at some novel monomer building blocks designed to extend the electron flow in the resulting polymers.

Why is it important?

Polymers that conduct electricity offer exciting new application areas.


Dr James R Smith (Author)
University of Portsmouth

My first paper!

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