Facile fabrication of transparent conductive graphene/silica composite films with high mechanical strength

Ichiro Imae, Tomoya Oonishi, Izzah Syazwani Isaak, Shogo Yamamoto, Yutaka Harima
  • Synthetic Metals, February 2017, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.synthmet.2016.12.020

Easy method to prepare the composite films with excellent thermoelectric performances

What is it about?

We have developed the simple method to prepare the composite films of PEDOT:PSS and SWCNT, and measured their thermoelectric properties. We found that the composite films can be obtained by just mixing two water dispersion solutions of PEDOT;PSS and SWCNT, and their thermoelectric properties were improved by just washing the films with DMSO.

Why is it important?

We succeeded in the fabrication of composite films with excellent thermoelectric properties by just mixing two commercially available water dispersion solutions and immersing the films in DMSO only for 2 minutes. This method is useful from the viewpoint of industrial application.


Dr Ichiro Imae (Author)
Hiroshima University

It is expected that organic-based thermoelectric materials can be applied to the electric sources of wearable electric devices. We hope that our method to prepare the thermoelectric materials will become useful for these industrial fields.

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