CAinterprTools: An R package to help interpreting Correspondence Analysis’ results

  • Gianmarco Alberti
  • SoftwareX, September 2015, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.softx.2015.07.001

What is it about?

The article describes the CAinterprTools R package, which aims at making the interpretation of Correspondence Analysis easier. The package provides the facility to graphically represent many aspects that are curcial to the understanding of the CA's results. It also implements some procedures that adds inferential aspects to CA, like for instance the significance of the total inertia or of pairs of selected dimensions.

Why is it important?

The article is important in that it describes the utility of the CAinterprTools package by means of a worked example.


Dr Gianmarco Alberti
University of Malta

As a user of Correspondence Analysis myself, I have always desired to have easy access to a number of CA 'statistics' and numerical outputs. I thought that having the facility to represent them in a graphical fashion would have also made them more readily "comprehensible". That has been the prime move for me to design and build my CAinterprTools package.

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