Bridging the gap between marine biogeochemical and fisheries sciences; configuring the zooplankton link

Aditee Mitra, Claudia Castellani, Wendy C. Gentleman, Sigrún H. Jónasdóttir, Kevin J. Flynn, Antonio Bode, Claudia Halsband, Penelope Kuhn, Priscilla Licandro, Mette D. Agersted, Albert Calbet, Penelope K. Lindeque, Rolf Koppelmann, Eva F. Møller, Astthor Gislason, Torkel Gissel Nielsen, Michael St. John
  • Progress In Oceanography, December 2014, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.pocean.2014.04.025

understanding what feeds the fish

What is it about?

Zooplankton play a pivotal role between the "plant-like" phytoplankton at the bottom of the food chain and the fish, birds and whales, etc., at the top of the chain. This work details what we know ans critically what we need to know so we can better understand how this organisms bridge the gap between the bottom and top of the food chain.

Why is it important?

To understand how climate change and fishing affects the marine food chain we need models. And we need models that we have confidence in. The effort expended on models of zooplankton lags far behind that expended on lower and higher members of the food chain. This work shows where the weakest points are, where we need to expend most effort.


Professor Kevin J Flynn
Swansea University

An essential part of any description of marine biology is riddled with wholes raising questions over models of both the lower and upper parts if the food web. The "bridge" needs building, it needs strengthening. Reading this work, authored by a team of international experts, will help.

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