How do elite endurance runners alter movements of the spine and pelvis as running speed increases?

Stephen J. Preece, Duncan Mason, Christopher Bramah
  • Gait & Posture, May 2016, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2016.03.011

Elite athletes run with a more upright posture than recreational runners

What is it about?

We compared the trunk and pelvic movements between elite runners (personal best 10Km times 30-35 mins) and recreational runners, whilst running at four different speeds. The results showed that, at the faster speeds, the recreational runners had an average of nearly 4 degrees more forward lean than the elite runners.

Why is it important?

Many programmes designed to improve running technique teach people to lean forwards. However, our data showed elite runners to adopt a more upright position. We now need to understand if recreational runners should be taught to run with a more upright posture and if this will improve performance and/or reduce injury risk.


Dr Stephen Preece
University of Salford

I hope this will motivate further research looking at the effectiveness of programmes which could be used to improve running technique.

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