Construction of an innovative adsorbent bed configuration in the adsorption chiller - Selection criteria for effective sorbent-glue pair

Karolina Grabowska, Jaroslaw Krzywanski, Wojciech Nowak, Marta Wesolowska
  • Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Energy, May 2018, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/

Guidelines to build novel coated construction of adsorption beds

What is it about?

The paper presents development of guidelines to build novel coated construction of adsorption beds. The criterion for selection of optimum bed components in terms of improving COP of the adsorption chillers dedicated to air conditioning has been defined. Silica gel has been indicated as the most favorable sorbent for modification of the bed construction with glue.

Why is it important?

The coated bed construction is one of the innovative directions for intensification of heat and mass transfer processes in adsorption beds.


Jaroslaw Krzywanski (Author)
Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa

Analyse of adhesive materials has indicated a new research area focused on the potential of epoxy resin usage, modified with powdered metals as an adhesive material of sorbent to the heat exchanger surface.

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