Combined impacts of climate and nutrient fertilization on yields of pearl millet in Niger

  • E. Eyshi Rezaei, T. Gaiser, S. Siebert, B. Sultan, F. Ewert
  • European Journal of Agronomy, April 2014, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.eja.2014.02.001

Combined effects of fertilization and climate on pearl millet yield

What is it about?

We determined the combined effects of nutrient fertilization management and climatic variability on yield of pearl millet in the Republic of Niger. Considered fertilization treatments refer to no fertilization and the use of crop residues, mineral fertilizer and a combination of both.

Why is it important?

Pearl millet yields showed a strong response to mean temperature under all fertilization practices except the combined treatment in which yields showed higher correlation to precipitation. The model simulated yield declines due to climate change by -11% to -62% depending on the scenario and time period. Future crop yields in the combined crop residues + fertilizer treatment were still larger than crop yields in the control treatment with baseline climate.

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