Median based conversion of SGPA into percentage by cognitive methods

Apu Kumar Saha, Mrinmoy Majumder
  • Applied Mathematics and Computation, September 2015, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.amc.2015.05.138

What is it about?

CGPA and SGPA are the preferred grade point average scale to represent academic performance of the student. The present study attempts to convert the SGPA or CGPA into percentage equivalent with the help of Feed forward Artificial Neural Network.

Why is it important?

CGPA/SGPA to percentage conversion is often required at the time of admission to provide a common scale for comparison of the performance of the students. Although different institute has its own conversion formula but at the time of comparison percentage equivalent is used to provide common frame of comparison.Simple linear conversion methods often yield incorrect and erroneous results.As a result of which reliability of the grades is compromised. That is why, present study utilizes for the first time, Artificial Neural Network, to find the equivalent percentage of the CGPA of a year.


Dr Mrinmoy Majumder (Author)
National Institute of Technology Agartala

The paper proposes a new method for conversion of SGPA and/or CGPA into a percentage equivalent which will provide a novel way of research and development in academic comparison of students.

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