Abdominoscrotal hydrocele: A systematic review and proposed clinical grading

R.A. Gadelkareem
  • African Journal of Urology, June 2018, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.afju.2018.01.006

Systematic review of abdominoscrotal hydrocele

What is it about?

Many confusions have been noticed in the literature of abdominoscrotal hydrocele. So, this review critically discussed all the aspects of the subject and proposed a clinical grading system for the abdominoscrotal hydrocele.

Why is it important?

This review is a comprehensive study that set the unjustified mishaps in history, demographics, and clinical characteristics of the abdominoscrotal hydrocele.


Dr Rabea A Gadelkareem (Author)
Assiut University

A clinical up-grading system has been proposed to justify the cumulative risks of the associated anomalies and complications with abdominoscrotal hydrocele.

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