The Novel C5aR Antagonist DF3016A Protects Neurons Against Ischemic Neuroinflammatory Injury

Laura Brandolini, Marta Grannonico, Gianluca Bianchini, Alessia Colanardi, Pierluigi Sebastiani, Antonella Paladini, Alba Piroli, Marcello Allegretti, Giustino Varrassi, Silvia Di Loreto
  • Neurotoxicity Research, April 2019, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/s12640-019-00026-w

Complement antagonism and neuroinflammatory injury

What is it about?

Interactions between inflammation and neuronal damages are well demonstrated. Frequently inflammation represent the main cause of acute and chronic pain. This study has investigated new pathways to reduce inflammation and prevent the neuronal damages.

Why is it important?

Till now, the COX inhibition seems the only efficacious way to block inflammation and produce analgesia consequent to the inflammatory processes. Inflammation is much more complex than what is happening with the arachidonic acid metabolism. Complement system seems also important. This study has investigated the effects of the complement inhibition on inflammation, or more specifically on the neuroinflammation consequent to anoxia.


Professor Giustino Varrassi
Paolo Procacci Foundation

This study is opening potentially new frontiers in management of inflammatory pain, and inflammatory neuronflammation and neurodegeneration, both acute and chronic.

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