High Throughput and Computational Repurposing for Neglected Diseases

  • Helen W. Hernandez, Melinda Soeung, Kimberley M. Zorn, Norah Ashoura, Melina Mottin, Carolina Horta Andrade, Conor R. Caffrey, Jair Lage de Siqueira-Neto, Sean Ekins
  • Pharmaceutical Research, December 2018, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/s11095-018-2558-3

Repurposing for neglected diseases

What is it about?

We performed a family extensive literature review over a couple of years to summarize the various articles describing HTS or computational repurposing for neglected diseases. We also collect these various active compounds and summarize their drug-likeness.

Why is it important?

It goes beyond the various pathogen / malaria box screens that have been widely published. It also summarizes the neglected diseases that can obtain a neglected disease priority review voucher from the FDA. We summarize several molecules that show activity against multiple neglected diseases.


Dr Sean Ekins
Collaborations in Chemistry

Helen did much of the initial literature analysis and this was bolstered with text from the rest of the team that summarized their various areas of expertise. The review may serve as a starting point for anyone starting to work on any of these diseases.

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