Gender-related hormonal risk factors for oral cancer

Zsuzsanna Suba
  • Pathology & Oncology Research, September 2007, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/bf02893499

Ageing is much higher oral cancer risk for women than for men.

What is it about?

Oral cancer is regarded as smoking related tumor; however, the differences in smoking habits between the tumor free male and female populations are not high enough to justify the 4-5fold oral cancer incidence among men as compared with women. Moreover, there is a conspicuous accumulation of oral cancer cases among non smoker, non drinker elderly women as compared with men at the same age. These gender and age related differences in oral cancer risk suggest hormone loss as causal factor.

Why is it important?

Currently used therapies for oral cancer (mutilation, radiation and chemotherapy) do not work as might be expected, the mortality among patients is high even in cases diagnosed and treated in the early stage.


professor Zsuzsanna Suba
National Institute of Oncology Budapest

Recognition of high oral cancer risk in non smoker, non drinker elderly women, provides possibilities for primary tumor prevention by the restoration of hormonal and metabolic equilibrium in endangered patients.

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