The practical view of employee rights

Bruce Fortado, Paul F. Salipante
  • Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, June 1991, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/bf01390352

What is it about?

Employee rights have historically been discussed in terms of what currently exists in legal terms, and what should be done in moral terms. This study presents a third view based on the analysis of both historic and recent fieldwork conducted by the authors and their students. A list of desired employee rights is presented, which reflect the norms of the employees in actual work situations. When these norms are violated, frustrations accumulate and conflicts can metamorphose (change form) in a number of different ways.

Why is it important?

One can only set forth sensible human resource policies and practices after the nature of human relations has been grasped. Further, in order for managers and consultants to adopt effective remedial actions in conflict situations, they must first be able to diagnose what the employees are upset about.

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