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In this work, we report a metallofullerene DyErScN@Ih-C80 exhibiting single-molecule magnet (SMM) behavior and near-infrared emission. For DyErScN@Ih-C80, two functional lanthanide metal ions of Dy3+ (SMM function) and Er3+ (luminescent function) are integrated inside a fullerene cage using a trimetallic nitride template.Magnetic measurements revealed that DyErScN@Ih-C80 behaves as a SMM with a blocking temperature up to 9 K resulting from the intramolecular magnetic interaction between Dy3+ and Er3+ ions. Moreover, DyErScN@Ih-C80 exhibits temperature-dependent near-infrared emission around 1.5 µm with multiple splitting peaks from Er3+, which arises from the influence of Dy3+ ion.

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Magneto-luminescent molecules have significant applications in data storage and quantum computing. This study provides a new strategy to synthesize new magneto-luminescent molecule materials.

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This page is a summary of: Luminescent single-molecule magnet of metallofullerene DyErScN@Ih-C80, Nano Research, May 2019, Tsinghua University Press, DOI: 10.1007/s12274-019-2429-1.
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