What happens to international new ventures beyond start-up: An exploratory study

  • Romeo V. Turcan, Anita Juho
  • Journal of International Entrepreneurship, May 2014, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/s10843-014-0124-6

What is it about?

New ventures that internationalize at or immediately after their inception (INVs) are of great interest for academics, policy makers and practitioners. A great deal is known about these INVs emergence phase or initial internationalization. However, little, scarce knowledge and understanding exist as to how early and rapid internationalization affect their survival and growth, or as to how these INVs transition from internationalizing phase to having internationalized phase or even whether they actually made-it to that phase. This paper should be seen among the first attempts to generate early theoretical constructs to guide research in this, under-researched substantive area.

Why is it important?

2/3 of start ups do not make it to see their 3rd or 4th year 'birthday'. Selection bias dominates contemporary research: if we research only winners in gambling, then we would make respective prescriptive policy and practice recommendations. hence, how and why such firms make it to their made-it point but equally, or even more importantly, how and why they do not make it are promising areas of inquiry.

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