Feeding and nutrient excretion of the New Zealand freshwater mussel Echyridella menziesii (Hyriidae, Unionida): implications for nearshore nutrient budgets in lakes and reservoirs

  • Hélène Cyr, Kevin J. Collier, Susan J. Clearwater, Brendan J. Hicks, Simon D. Stewart
  • Aquatic Sciences, December 2016, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/s00027-016-0517-9

How much N and P do native NZ kakahi (freshwater mussels) excrete?

What is it about?

We incubated kakahi for 1 hr to measure their filter feeding and nutrient excretion rates collected from 6 lakes across the North Island (New Zealand)

Why is it important?

Kakahi excretion rates have not been quantified before but, from international precedents, we know that freshwater mussels can have large effects of the water quality of lakes. Our data allow the effects of various mussel densities on lake nutrient budgets to be investigated.


Simon Stewart
University of Waikato

Kakahi are still quite poorly understood, so it is exciting that fundamental information such as this study is being generated.

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