Application of Nature Based Algorithm in Natural Resource Management

  • January 2013, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-5152-1

What is it about?

In recent years the nature based algorithms is applied in various field of science including natural resource management and the result is encouraging the authors for further applications. This book highlights the twenty different ways nature based algorithms were used to solve the problems of natural resource management.

Why is it important?

The finding show the potential of the nature based algorithms in optimization,prediction and simulation of various natural resource management problems. For example application of Artificial Neural Networks(ANN) helped to map the correlation that exist between Surface and Ground Water in terms of various water quality parameters where as in an another study included in the monograph, optimal and intelligent selection of species for afforestation was conducted successfully by the application of ANN method.


Dr Mrinmoy Majumder (Author)
National Institute of Technology Agartala

This book is a collection of articles which depicts the importance of nature base algorithms in solving the problems of natural resource management.Various algorithms like Artificial Neural Networks,Fuzzy Logic,Particle Swarm Optimization,Artificial Bat Algorithms were used to solve common natural resource management problems like prediction of short term rainfall,selection of species for afforestation,selection of habitat for porcupines etc.

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