Evolution of morphology, segmental dynamics, and conductivity in ionic liquid swollen short side chain perfluorosulfonate ionomer membranes

Jun-Hong Lin, Ralph H. Colby
  • Journal of Polymer Science Part B Polymer Physics, June 2015, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/polb.23770

Segmental dynamics vs. ionic conduction in ionomers

What is it about?

Ionic liquid is a class of emerging electrolyte which has electrical properties superior to that of most traditional electrolytes. In solid state electrolytes, ions of ionic liquid transport through the ionomer matrix leading to the ionic conduction. In this study we investigate how the segmental motion and morphology of the ionomer matrix affects the ion transport over a wide range of ionic liquid swollen levels.

Why is it important?

The results show that despite the high ionic liquid swollen level, the segmental motion still play one of the major roles for the ionic conduction. This finding could lead to a better design of high performance solid state electrolytes.


Professor JUN-HONG LIN

1. EMI-TF is mainly bounded in the cluster region of Aquivion. 2. Segmental motion of ionic clusters plays the critical role for the ionic conduction.

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