Cover Picture: Turning Spiroketals Inside Out: A Rearrangement Triggered by an Enol Ether Epoxidation (ChemistryOpen 5/2015)

Chris Lorenc, Josep Saurí, Arvin Moser, Alexei V. Buevich, Antony J. Williams, R. Thomas Williamson, Gary E. Martin, Mark W. Peczuh
  • ChemistryOpen, September 2015, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/open.201500185

Spiroketals and teddy bears - you can turn both of them inside out

What is it about?

The cover picture compares the rearrangement of a small molecule to the process of turning a stuffed animal inside out. The recycled, inside-out stuffed animals are both artistic and philosophically provocative. They capture the essence of the rearrangement reaction because the compounds themselves turn inside out throughout the reaction, extending the diversity of products that can arise from simple starting materials. The epoxidation of some highly functionalized spiroketal compounds promoted rearrangements of their structures that turned them inside out.


Dr Antony John Williams
United States Environmental Protection Agency

I couldn't ever imagine being part of a scientific study where a teddy bear would be a good representation for what happens in a reaction. Especially one turned inside out!

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