Transformational Instructor-Leadership in Higher Education Teaching: A Meta-Analytic Review and Research Agenda

  • Transformational Instructor-Leadership
  • Paul T. Balwant
  • Journal of Leadership Studies, February 2016, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/jls.21423

Transformational Leadership in Higher Education Teaching

What is it about?

Researchers have shown that transformational leadership is applicable to higher education teaching, that is, transformational instructor-leadership. However, such research is fractionated across diverse fields. To address the fractionated literature, the purpose of the current study was to collate research on transformational instructor-leadership and to analyze research in which such leadership has been empirically associated with student outcomes.

Why is it important?

Budget cuts and student consumerism have placed higher education teaching in the spotlight. This study provides empirical justification for improving teaching quality via leadership theory. Specifically, the present study's findings showed that transformational instructor-leadership was positively associated with students’ motivation, satisfaction, perceptions of instructor credibility, academic performance, affective learning, and cognitive learning.


Dr. Paul T. Balwant
University of the West Indies

This paper not only contributes to higher education and leadership research, but also provides detailed suggestions for advancing research on transformational instructor-leadership.

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