Driving Acceptance and Adoption of Business Analytics

  • Gary Cokins
  • Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance, December 2012, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/jcaf.21831

Creating Buy-in to apply business analytics

What is it about?

My paper provides a primer that describes the continuum of business analytics: From descriptive --> diagnostic --> predictive --> prescriptive / optimization.

Why is it important?

The adoption rate of applying business analytics is slow. Software technology is not the impediment. Analytics software tools are proven. The obstacle involves people. This article addresses how to overcome these types of social obstacles: resistance to change (which is human nature), fear of being measured, fear of being held accountable, fear of others knowing the truth, weak leadership, and more.


Mr Gary Cokins
Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

My 1971 Cornell University degree was in operations research which embraces analytics and statistics. The latter part of my career was 16 years with SAS (www.sas.com), a leader in analytics software. I believe applying analytics is essential to gain better insights and make better decisions. -- Gary Coins

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