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Studying magnetic reconnection (MR) is important owing to it's impact on the space weather and fusion reactors. Plasma waves are a good candidate to study the characteristics of MR since they can regulate the particle flux and carry messages from far plasmas.

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In this paper, we revealed the characteristics of the correlation between solitary waves and the counter-directed electron beam at the magnetic reconnection region in the Earth’s magnetotail. Moreover, the fluid model has been utilized to address the mechanism behind the observation of soliton waves in the solar wind at 1au. In the case of the Earth’s magnetosphere, we consider the plasma to consist of fluid ions, cold electron beam, and superthermal background electrons. For the solar wind, we considered the plasma to consist of streaming protons, fluid alpha particles, and superthermal electrons. The calculated electric field using the current model and the measured electric field in the Earth’s magnetosphere and solar wind are highlighted.


This is my first paper on the observation of electrostatic waves in the solar wind. During this study, my understanding of the dynamics of heliospheric plasma and the mechanism of solitary waves in the solar wind has improved significantly. This paper triggered new ideas for new investigations into this topic, such as addressing the origin of the recent observations of electrostatic waves in the inner heliosphere and the role of electrostatic modes in super accelerating alpha particles very close to the sun.

Mahmoud Saad Afify
Benha University

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This page is a summary of: The mechanism that drives electrostatic solitary waves to propagate in the Earth's magnetosphere and solar wind, Contributions to Plasma Physics, July 2022, Wiley,
DOI: 10.1002/ctpp.202200041.
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