Analytical design 2 DOF IMC control based on inverted decoupling for non-square systems with time delay

  • Analytical Design 2 DOF IMC Control Based on Inverted
  • Qibing Jin, Xinghan Du, Qi Wang, Liye Liu
  • The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, May 2016, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/cjce.22505

What is it about?

Nonsquare system is a special MIMO system.This paper provides an analytical method for designing the controllers of nonsquare systems. The main issues are to design the nonsquare inverted decoupler and the 2DOF controllers.

Why is it important?

Inverted decoupler is the most effective dynamic decoupler. But it has many constraints, especially in nonsquare systems. This paper extends the inverted decoupler to nonsquare systems. 2DOF control structure can improve tracking performance and disturbance rejection simultaneously. This paper provides ananlytical method for designing 2DOF controllers


Dr Xinghan Du

Inverted decoupling is an effective method for dealing with the couplings in MIMO system. But it has many contraints. How to deal with these constraints is worth further study

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