Aggregation Processes of Perylene Bisimide Diimidazolium Salts

Francesca D'Anna, Salvatore Marullo, Giuseppe Lazzara, Paola Vitale, Renato Noto
  • Chemistry - A European Journal, September 2015, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/chem.201502240

Self assembly of perylene bisimide diimidazolium salts

What is it about?

We studied the self assembly of diimidazolium salts baring a perylene bisimide spacer between the charged head. The main feature of this salts is that they conjugate two well‐known aggregation motifs, perylene bisimides and imidazolium salts. This conjunction produces H‐aggregates underpinned by π–π stacking and hydrogen‐bonding interactions,.

Why is it important?

We found that the solvent-dependent aggregation behavior of these dicationic perylene bisimide salts is complementary to that of the much more studied neutral ones. Moreover, the stability of the aggregates is influenced by the length of alkyl chains borne on the imidazolium moieties. Morphological investigation revealed that these salts form tubular structures.

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